Blue Coast Collection - The ESE Collection

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Highly Recommended, Must-Have SACD! A New Standard in Audio Excellence! Exceptional Acoustic Recording! Blue Coast sets a new standard in audio excellence. The award winning collection of songs has been recognized by audiophiles and casual listeners for its sonic precision combined with passionate musical performances. Performed in the studio without the use of headphones, overdubs or digital effects, these sessions led to a proprietary recording technique called Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E.) E.S.E. creates a holographic sensation for both surround and stereo recordings through microphone placement and allows the musicians a more dynamic performance. We hope you have as much enjoyment listening as we did making it. Blue Coast Records' first release features exceptional acoustic recordings performed live in the studio without the use of headphones, overdubs or digital effects. Label founder, and five time Grammy nominated producer/engineer, Cookie Marenco, assembled a cast of world-class performers, engineers and technicians familiar with her passion for audio excellence and appreciation of skilled musicianship. Done in DSD, the sound take uses E.S.E. technology, a patented technique Cookie Marenco developed with Jean-Claude Reynaud. B&K microphones, silver audio cables specially created for these sessions, and a sound take excluding all digital tricks and awkward phase rotations produce a truth of restitution that stands out of the ordinary. On this sampler disc, Blue Coast are in direct contact with great artists. Voices are sublime, the authenticity of the guitars is amazing and the standing bass in the finale is even more astounding. Exceptional acoustic recording! Blue Coast Records recorded the original tracks with a surround listening experience in mind. They were recorded, monitored and mixed for 5.1 ITU configuration and may also be enjoyed on traditional surround systems and stereo cd players. The music was recorded to 2" tape using Dolby SR. The surround version was mixed to Direct Stream Digital on the Sonoma System. The stereo layers were mixed to 1/2" tape. During the recording a Jean Marie Reynaud Offrande surround speaker system was used for monitoring with JMR silver cable wiring throughout recording and playback systems. Microphones from Didrik DeGeer and DPA/B&K were used with preamps by Millennia, Manley and Didrik. A combination of direct and room mic placements contribute to the Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E.) recording technique enhancing both the surround and stereo listening experience. "Those who enjoy the intimacy of Norah Jones or Windham Hill will love this music. The sound production is so clear you can drink from the tap!" - Allen Butler, president of Sony Music Nashville 1993-2003 "One of the most natural sounding recordings I've ever heard. Very Enjoyable." - David Schwartz, founder of Mix Magazine "Listening to the CD made my speakers disappear and suddenly I was with the musicians." - Bob Vieira, musician/composer "Surround listening traditionally offers only one optimum listening position: in the center of the five channels. Our technique is a three-dimensional approach to multi-channel audio, offering the listener the ability to move outside the circle and walk 'through' the sound field." - Cookie Marenco, producer and founder of Blue Coast Records Click here to read more about Extended Sound Environment (ESE)! Features: • Hybrid SACD 5.1 + Stereo Musicians: Keith Greeninger, guitar, vocals (1,7) Dayan Kai, dobro, backup vocals, guitar (1,7) Jane Selkye, guitar, vocals (2,8) Chris Key, acoustic bass (2,8) Jason McGuire, nylon string guitar (3,9) Jose M. Blanco, vocals (3) Rob Ickes, dobro (4,11) Tony Furtado, slide guitar (4) Garett Brennan, guitar, vocals (10) Glen Moore, acoustic bowed bass (12) Selections: 1. Looking for a Home 2. Slow Day 3. Lilianna 4. Darcy Farrow 5. The Dog Song 6. Tamalpais 7. Immediately Blessed 8. In Love Before the Last Call 9. Romance 10. These Knees 11. The Waves of Kilkee 12. Finale

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