Billy Joel - Billy Joel's Greatest Hits Volumes 1 & 2

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23-Times Platinum Collection Among the 20 Best-Selling Albums in History: All of Billy Joel's Peak-Era Hits In One Place on This Timeless 26-Track Set!

Mastered from the Original Master Tapes for the First Time: Hear "Piano Man," "Big Shot," "Pressure," "Allentown," "Uptown Girl," and Many More Standards in Unsurpassed, Uber-Transparent Sound!

Strictly Limited to 3,000 Numbered Copies: Mobile Fidelity's 2x SACD Set Is an Instant Collector's Item!

It's the third best-selling record in American history. It contains nearly every one of Billy Joel's peak-era chart hits as well as a smattering of fan favorites. It encapsulates exactly why the singer-songwriter-pianist remains one of the most beloved, commercially successful, relentlessly creative, and oft-referenced artists in music. Spanning 1973 to 1985, Greatest Hits Volume I & Volume II functions as a hand-guided tour through pop, rock, doo-wop, blues, R&B, blue-eyed soul, and chamber jazz. It is rivaled by few—if any—other compilations.

Mastered from the original master tapes, Mobile Fidelity's pristine 2x SACD set of this ubiquitous classic finally does justice to the Hall of Fame caliber music. Part of the label's restoration of Joel's most crucial releases, Greatest Hits Volume I & Volume II literally takes on new life. Devoid of the flatness, squelched dynamics, and limited soundscapes that defined previous versions, the collection brings Joel's genius and intentions into a more transparent light.

Is it any wonder that this double set has moved more than 23 million copies to date? No. All told, 20 Top 40 singles line up alongside six album-track favorites, the songs all instantly recognized by name. This is touchstone material that's long crossed over into multiple generations of listeners and eradicated genre boundaries, and formed the basis of Joel's constantly sold-out concerts for the past two-plus decades.

As demonstrated on diverse fare ranging from "Piano Man" to "The Stranger," "Big Shot" to "Uptown Girl," and the pair of then-new tracks ("You're Only Human (Second Wind)" and "The Night Is Still Young"), Joel always succeeds in wrapping his head around rich swaths of American pop, his music stopping by way of New Orleans, Kansas City, Memphis, Chicago, and other milestone cities.

The singer's simple, yet disarmingly effective lyrics speak to universal truths and uplift. Joel's melodic flair does the rest, filling out tunes with comprehensive arrangements, towering harmonies, and a swift sense of purpose. His catalog testifies on behalf of unimpeachably ovational songwriting and execution. Experience all his hits in heart-rustling fidelity. They, and you, have waited long enough for such an intimate encounter.

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• Strictly Limited to 3,000 Numbered Copies!
• Mastered From Original Master Tapes

Volume I (1973-1977)

1. Piano Man
2. Captain Jack
3. The Entertainer
4. Say Goodbye To Hollywood
5. New York State Of Mind
6. The Stranger
7. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
8. Just The Way You Are
9. Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)
10. Only The Good Die Young
11. She's Always A Woman

Volume II (1978-1985)
1. My Life
2. Big Shot
3. Honesty
4. You May Be Right
5. It's Still Rock And Roll To Me
6. Don't Ask Me Why
7. She's Got A Way
8. Pressure
9. Allentown
10. Goodnight Saigon
11. Tell Her About It
12. Uptown Girl
13. The Longest Time
14. You're Only Human (Second Wind)
15. The Night Is Still Young

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Record Label Mobile Fidelity
Music Genre Pop - Rock