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First Solo Album In 18 Years!

Music IS marks the first solo album from Bill Frisell since the release of Ghost Town, 18 years ago. The focus of the album is on the telling of musical stories from Frisell's original and inimitable perspective: some of the interpretations being naked, exposed and truly solo, while others are more orchestrated through overdubbed layering and the use of his unparalleled approach to looping. The pieces on Music IS range from his earliest jazz records from the mid-'80s to excerpts from recent multi-disciplinary collaborations. Recorded in August of 2017 at Tucker Martine's Flora Recording and Playback studio in Portland, Oregon and produced by longtime collaborator Lee Townsend, all of the compositions on Music IS were written by Frisell. The end result is Bill Frisell at his most distilled and fully realized. The album debuted at #1 on the US Jazz Albums Charts.

Frisell has done so much. He's on well over 250 records, with over 40 of those as a leader. Frisell's mantra, or motto so to speak, is, "Music is Good" – a statement said to him by his dear friend and great banjo player Danny Barnes. "That is something that I can say is always true. It's so perfect. Everything I need to know is that phrase, 'Music is Good.' I almost called the album that, but then I thought that might be too literal. It's good to leave it open."

"There are those who want to constrain Frisell with reductionist categorizations. There are also those who accuse Frisell of, over the years, 'losing his edge.' Frisell lays waste to all such claims (and more) with Music IS, an album that breaks down boundaries even as the guitarist explores what's on either side and finds new ways to assimilate it all into his still-growing musical vernacular. More than many of his undeniably milestone recordings, the exceptional Music IS deserves consideration as both a career high point and a masterpiece of solo guitar. It's also proof that some artists can still, even forty years after their major label debut and with over 250 recorded appearances, release albums destined to become modern classics." - All About Jazz

• 180g Audiophile Vinyl
• Double LP
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• Bonus Track

Bill Frisell, electric & acoustic guitars, loops, bass, ukulele, music boxes

Disc One: Side A:

1. Pretty Stars
2. Winslow Homer
3. Change In The Air
4. What Do You Want?

Disc One: Side B:
1. Thankful
2. Ron Carter
3. Think About It
4. In Line

Disc Two: Side A:
1. Rambler
2. The Pioneers
3. Monica Jane

Disc Two: Side B:
1. Miss You
2. Go Happy Lucky
3. Kentucky Derby
4. Made To Shine
Bonus Track:
5. Rambler (Alternate Version)

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Music Genre Jazz