Bill Cunliffe Trio - Live At Bernie's

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TAS Recommended! Rated a 'Best Audiophile Label Recording' in the November 2009 issue of The Absolute Sound!

"Bill Cunliffe is one of the great players of the day." the BBC Review

"A world class artist with a distinct voice of his own." Los Angeles Times

Featured in Michael Fremer's Heavy Rotation in the August 2001 Issue of Stereophile!

This D2D is truly a limited edition due to the lacquers being stable for only 3000-5000 pressings! Once the lacquers are no longer usable no more D2D LP sets will ever be made.

Groove Note Records is proud to announce the forthcoming release of their very first Direct To Disc* project: (GRV1009) The Bill Cunliffe Trio/Live At Bernie's featuring Joe La Barbera (drums) and Darek Oles (bass). The album will be produced by the A-list audiophile recording team of producer Joe Harley (Audioquest, Enja, Analogue Productions, ECM, Telarc) and Mike Ross (engineer).

Bill Cunliffe is a leading West Coast jazz pianist with several albums to his credit His background includes stints in the Buddy Rich Band and the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra and he has recorded for several labels including Concord Jazz, Naxos and Discovery. Cunliffe has also toured with Frank Sinatra (twice) and most recently with Natalie Cole. The new Groove Note album will feature Bill's current working trio, a unit that plays together regularly in the Los Angeles area. The program will be mostly jazz standards with several ballads. (For more info see:

This session will be recorded at the mastering studios of Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood and all the lacquers will be direct cut by the 'groovemeister' Bernie Grundman himself. In an attempt to achieve the finest possible analogue sound, Bernie Grundman has persuaded Groove Note to have the lacquers cut at 45 rpm! Analogue lovers, we are going to push the envelope for maximum results with LP playback! Are we promising audio nirvarna? No - but hopefully we're going to get something very very very close! The D2D pressing run will be limited to approximately 3500-4000 serial numbered double sets.

Technical Note: Direct to disc is a process whereby the lacquers (from which a vinyl LP is made) are cut live during the actual recording session, i.e. the mike feed is passed directly to the cutting lathe. The process eliminates one generation (the tape) in the vinyl LP manufacturing process and results in an extremely vivid, lifelike and highly detailed sound presentation, one which many audiophiles believe superior to all other existing formats (digital or analogue).


• Direct To Disc (D2D)


Bill Cunliffe, piano

Joe Barbera, drums

Darek Oles, bass


1. Satin Doll

2. Ireland

3. Waltz For Debby

4. Amusing Paramours

5. Jean

6. Excursions

7. Like A Dream

8. The Way You Look Tonight

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Record Label Groove Note
Music Genre Vocalist