Beth Hart Band - Immortal

180-gram LP, first time on vinyl!

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180-gram LP, first time on vinyl!

Immortal is the second album by Beth Hart, listed as the Beth Hart Band. She's backed by some amazing musicians and showing the pure force of nature that is her voice. It's blues-rock at its best, from the first track "Run" to the incredible album closer "Blame the Moon." The pure beauty of her emotions brings the deepness of the songs to the surface. Even when it's not her best-known album, it's an album which is impressive from the first note to the last. Her vocal quality can be compared with the great gifts of Janis Joplin and Tracy Chapman.

Side 1
1. Run
2. Spiders In My Bed
3. Isolation
4. Hold Me Through The Night
5. State Of Mind
6. Burn Chile

Side 2
1. Immortal
2. Summer Is Gone
3. Ringing
4. God Bless You
5. Am I The One
6. Blame The Moon

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Record Label Music On Vinyl
Music Genre Pop - Rock