Stasis Cable Levitator

Stasis Cable Levitator

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Every wire carrying electrical signals or power will create a magnetic field, which radiates outwards from the cable. When this magnetic field encounters other nearby cables, it induces voltages (or signal noise) to appear across them. This is how signals are degraded by nearby cables, and this is why cable lifts are used to isolate cables from each other.

There is no point investing in expensive, high-end cables or equipment, if your power cable is lying on the floor next to the speaker cables. The speaker cables will induce cross-talk signals in your power cable, and your power cable will similarly induce unwanted voltage levels in your speaker cables. This is where Stasis Cable Levitators will save the day!

Use Stasis Cable Levitators to isolate and insulate high powered cables, such as speaker cables (amp output), and power supply cables. This will preserve the purity of all the signals (or power) flowing through them. Speaker cables are also affected by vibrations, and are a prime candidate for isolation. Low powered cables such as signal outputs are less important, as they radiate negligible magnetic fields.

115650    Isolate cables from induced signal noise – Preserve the purity of all signals or power flowing through your cables.

115651    Insulate cables from static – Cork dampeners shields cables from ambient static in the room (especially carpeted rooms).

115652    Eliminate physical vibrations – Cork dampeners and density of acrylic eliminates floor-borne vibrations (e.g. vibrations from your speakers).

Stasis Levitators are laser cut from high quality acrylic imported from Japan and polished to a high shine. Acrylic is an ideal material to use because of its high mass (absorbs vibrations), making the Stasis Cable Levitators a truly indispensable component of your listening experience!

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